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Give Til It Hurt$ - working title

Feature Film - Estimated Winter 2015

Directed by Thomas Callaway

Starring Duane Whitaker, Leslie Easterbrook and Daniel Roebuck Set in the 1980s, Give Til It Hurt$ is a dark comedy about two brothers (Duane Whitaker and Glen Hentz) seeking the return of their inheritance that their deceased mother donated to a televangelist (Daniel Roebuck).

Director: Thomas Callaway
Executive Producers: Helen Grace Caldwell and Mike Krukowski
Producers: Mercedes Jane, Thomas Callaway and Daniel Roebuck

Starring: Duane Whitaker, Leslie Easterbrook, Daniel Roebuck, Glen Hentz
With: Robert Craighead, Tessa Harn, Bret Anthony, Clu Gulager

Finding Hope, a film by Julian Grant

Feature Film

A film by Two 9 Productions in association with Canal Productions, LLC

After a tragic accident, Andrew Daniels is alone and without hope. He must win back the love of his life, or risk losing her forever.

Two 9 Productions in association with Canal Productions bring you "Finding Hope", a touching movie that reminds us of what really matters: Family, Faith, and Values. Each of us can not only find hope within ourselves, but also bring hope to others by the decisions we make.


Feature Film - Estimated Winter 2015

Skyfire Productions presents Hunter
Summer 2015
Directed by David Tarleton
Written by Jason Kellerman

Executive Producer: Morgan Eiland
Producers: Helen Grace Caldwell and Mike Krukowski
Starring: Jason Kellerman as Hunter Vanelson


Short Film

presented by Canal Productions, LLC in association with Two 9 Productions and Cyber Tiger Studios , Summer 2015.

An immortal (Shannon Brown), on a journey spanning centuries, finally finds what he has been desperately searching forů..or does he?

Starring: Shannon Brown, Jax Turyna, Kylan Conroy and Harold Dennis.
Written by: David Pierson
Directed by: Wayne Pombert
Produced by: Helen Grace Caldwell, Mike Krukowski, Mike Bussan and Suzette Lippard


Short Film

Written and Directed by David Bradburn
Starring: Tom McElroy, Jake Moore and Lindsay Rathert

A young couple who have nursed their careers to be well-paid and successful by the world's standards, fail at reaching any depth of intimacy. The addition of the man's father and the contempt they now harbor for each other boil over.

Presented by Fork the Man Productions and Canal Productions

Sport of Kings

Feature Documentary - Estimated Summer 2016

Coming Soon...

Ninja Boom

Feature Documentary

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Feature Film

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